What is Circle G?

Well, it’s more than just “a feedstore”. Wide-ranging products aside, Circle G Ranch and Pet Supply specializes in old-fashioned customer service. Has for decades. We know your name, we know your needs and we’re problem-solvers. That’s what keeps customers coming back.

What do you guys sell?

Most anything you’d need. A wide variety of hay and grains for livestock. High-quality dog and cat food, as well as other small-pet supplies. The most dependable flea-and-tick solutions. You’ll also find traps, fencing, grass seed, ammunition and plenty more for your home or barn. To see what’s available online, click here. Or just call us at (727) 843-0772.

Where are you?

7810 Plathe Road in New Port Richey (just east of Rowan Road, just west of Little Road). If that seems a little out of the way, it is. People tell us you need to dig a little to find a diamond.

Do you deliver?

We do. Happily and frequently. (Try getting that from one of those big-box stores.)  Regular delivery days are Thursday and Friday, but if you need something quicker – let us know.

Where do you deliver?

Primarily Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. To see a map of our delivery area, click here. Not where you live? Well, we still might be able to work something out – call us.

Does Circle G have products others don’t?

You bet. For example, we are the only seller of Seminole Feed for 25 miles in any direction. Probably worth a trip just for that.

What if they don’t have something I need? Can I special-order something?

Absolutely. We looked high and low for the best suppliers around, and they’re used to out-of-the-ordinary requests. At least one of them should have exactly what you’re hunting for. Trust us on that.

Overall, what are the prices like?

Better than you’d think. Trust us on that one, too.

When it comes to my pets, I’m particular – what if I have some pretty specific questions?

We have some pretty specific answers. Any questions you have are right down our aisle. (Literally.) When you need to depend on experience, you should ask a neighbor who knows. That’d be us.

Is there a Loyalty Club?

Only for our best customers. You qualify. Read all about it under the website tab that says “Loyalty Club”.

Why isn’t Circle G open on Sunday?

We set this day aside for family, fellowship and worship. For our operating hours Monday – Saturday, click here.