Hoof Solid

Hoof Solid

$ 24.99

Apple flavored, pelleted hoof and digestive supplement formulated to provide optimum nutritional support for normal healthy hooves. Nutrients work together to support cracked hooves, strengthen hoof walls and help support normal hoof growth.

  • Apple flavored
  • Omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain pliability and moisture in the hooves
  • Methionine - 6,100mg per 6 oz. serving helps keratin development in hoof walls
  • Biotin - 30mg per 6 oz. serving helps keratin development in hoof walls
  • L-lysine - 2,150mg per 6 oz. serving helps keratin development in hoof walls
  • Yea-Sacc® 1026 (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) is added to provide enzymes and factors necessary for proper digestion

The enclosed scoop holds approximately six (6) ounces.

HORSES: Feed 6 oz. per day for 6 to 8 months then change to a maintenance level of 3 oz. per day. At any time you may resume giving 6 oz. per day. Serving based on an average 1,100 lb. horse. Adjust amount given according to body weight; more for larger horses, less for smaller horses, ponies or foals

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