Seminole Wellness Senior Mix

Seminole Wellness Senior Mix

$ 24.99

Seminole Wellness SENIOR MIX® is a low-starch, 10% fat, complete feed with herbs, scientifically formulated for all life stages of horses and ponies in an easy-to-chew form.

For the special needs of all horses… Seminole Wellness Senior Mix® awards you the satisfaction of knowing your horse is receiving superior nutrition day-after-day. When feeding the growing foal, equine athlete or the elder horse, Wellness Senior Mix® will deliver consistent nutrients for daily requirements. Enhanced with nine all natural herbs, the easy-to-chew form provides increased digestibility and an exquisite flavor. Made with only the finest ingredients, Seminole Wellness Senior Mix® is the total package.

Still not sure if this is the right feed for you? You can find all the nutritional info here.

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